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Google Digital Marketing Course

Google Digital Marketing Course: Boost Your Online Presence

Are you willing to learn about Google Digital Marketing Courses?

Do you want to get Google certified and start your career with an impressive digital marketing certification?

Google provides a free online digital marketing course called “Google Digital Garage.” It is a thorough programme that covers a wide range of digital marketing topics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, and analytics.

The Google Digital Garage course is intended for complete beginners and gives a solid foundation in digital marketing concepts and tactics. It includes video courses, quizzes, and practical tasks to help you test and reinforce your knowledge. You can obtain a Google certification after completing the course.

In addition to the Google Digital Garage, Google offers various certification programmes that focus on specific areas of digital marketing, such as the Google Ads certification and the Google Analytics certification. These certifications necessitate passing an exam and may contain more advanced information than the Digital Garage course.

Keep in mind that, while the Google Digital Garage course is a wonderful starting point for learning about digital marketing, it’s always a good idea to expand your knowledge and obtain hands-on experience.

Google’s free digital marketing course is one of the company’s greatest online courses. It is an excellent opportunity for you to study the principles of digital marketing while receiving a prestigious Google digital marketing certificate.

To access the Google Digital Garage course, go to and create a free account. You can access the course material at your own speed and track your progress once you’ve registered.

Top Google Digital Marketing Courses | Google Certified

Different skills that marketers study in this course help them to build a satisfying career in Digital Marketing .

These digital marketing courses go deeply into numerous digital marketing tactics, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the usage of Google Ads, analyzing website traffic, and so on, and can assist you in implementing them in accordance with your business goals.

Let’s get started with Google’s free digital marketing classes.

1: Fundamentals of Digital marketing:

It is a Google’s free Interactive Advertising Bureau-accredited digital marketing training. The course includes practical activities and real-world examples to help you apply your knowledge.

Modules in this course: 26

40 hours in total

Beginner level of ability


Course Content:

Increasing your internet visibility

Marketing your online presence

Websites and your company objectives

The Advantages of an Online Strategy

Recognizing customer behavior

SEO and SEM tactics

Display and social media advertising

Content promotion

Analytics for the web

Marketing on a Global Scale


2: Start an internet business.

With Google’s digital marketing course, you’ll learn what it takes to start and maintain a successful online business.

Modules – 7 Course Specifications

3 hours in duration

Beginner level of ability


Course Content:

The online possibility

Creating and Marketing an Online Presence

Starting a business on the internet

Recognizing customer behavior

Selling via e-commerce

Create a web presence for yourself.

Get noticed in your community


3: Beginners’ Guide to Google Analytics:

Learners can learn about opening an account, applying tracking code, and setting up data filters with the help of such beginner-friendly Google digital marketing classes. It will also assist you in navigating the Google Analytics interface and reports, as well as in creating dashboards and shortcuts. Learn how to analyze fundamental of Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior data, as well as how to define targets and measure campaign performance.

Course Content :

Google Analytics Overview

The Google Analytics Interface is number two.

Fundamental Reports

Fundamental Campaign and Conversion Tracking


4: Advanced Google Analytics:

You will discover how data is collected and transformed into readable reports. Learn how to capture data customised to your organisation using options such as Custom Dimensions, Custom Metrics, and Event Tracking.

You will master more sophisticated analysis techniques employing segmentation, channel reports, audience reports, custom reports, and marketing tactics in this advanced course.


Course Content :

Data Collection and Processing

Configuring Data Collection and Collection

Advanced Analysis Techniques and Tools

Advanced Marketing Instruments


5: How to Improve and Secure Your Online Campaign

After completing this Google digital marketing course, you will understand how to maximise your brand’s digital visibility. This course will teach you how to communicate the appropriate message to the right audience. Learn how to measure and keep a successful and safe campaign running. The training is delivered in the form of short video tutorials.

Modules in this course – 12

7 hours in duration

Beginner level of ability


Course Content :

The fundamentals of search engines

Introduction to SEO methods

Enhance your search campaigns

Making your site pages searchable Explore the mobile possibilities

Use social media to get recognized.

Utilize the video to its full potential.

Begin with analytics and investigate the findings.

Increase the security of your online business.


6: Google Display Advertising Certification

This course will help you validate your competence in using Google Display to get the most out of your display advertising campaign. You’ll be able to create effective Display plans and campaigns to meet unique marketing objectives.

Duration of the course is 2.6 hours.

Beginner level of ability

Course Content :

Course Content Certification Preparation (Optional) – Includes knowledge assessment

Google Ads Display Research (Optional) – Includes Google Ads Display Evaluation

Pass the exam and receive a certificate (Complete Required)


7: Google Ads Search Certification:

Discover how to create and optimize Google Search campaigns. You’ll also learn how to use automated solutions such as Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions. This will aid in improving campaign performance for certain marketing goals.

Duration of the course is 2.6 hours.

Beginner level of ability


Course Content :

Course Content Certification Preparation (Optional) – Includes knowledge assessment

Study Google Ads Search (Optional) – Includes Google Ads Search Evaluation

Pass the exam and receive a certificate (Complete Required)


8: Google Ads Apps Approval :

Learn how to create Google App ads that have the most possible commercial impact. The certification will cover campaign creation foundations as well as advanced optimization tactics.

Duration of the course is 2.8 hours.

Beginner level of ability


Course Content :

Prepare for certification.

Pass the exam and receive your certification. Completion is required.

Google Ads Apps Evaluation 1.3 hours required

App Campaigns Can Help You Grow Your Business (Optional)

Prepare App Campaigns for Success (Optional)

(Optional) Improve Your App Campaign

Drive growth outside of app campaigns (optional).


9: Power Users’ Guide to Google Analytics:

Begin with advanced ideas in Google Analytics. To begin, you must have completed the Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses indicated above.

This Google digital marketing course is designed to teach intermediates how to measure website traffic and take appropriate actions.

How to Drive the Most Organic Traffic to Your Website

Duration of the course is 5 hours.

Intermediate level of ability

Course Content:

Users should be aware of the course content.

Increase site engagement and product performance by attracting high-value traffic.


10: Promote a business with content :

This comprehensive course will teach you how to use videos, social media, and content marketing to attract clients.

Modules – 4

3 hours in duration

Beginner level of ability


Course Content:

Social media fundamentals are covered in this course.

Setting social media objectives

Long-term social media strategy

Use of social media for advertising

Creating video content on a budget

Video performance evaluation

Introduction to Content Marketing

Writing for online readers

Measuring your social media marketing success


11: Use online advertising to promote a firm

Learn how to develop a marketing strategy and attract the correct audience using the principles of email marketing, as well as video and display ads.

Modules – 5

3 hours in duration

Beginner level of ability

Course Content:

Making display advertising that fulfil your objectives

Email marketing fundamentals

Successful email marketing campaign management

Display advertising vs. search advertising

An overview of search engine marketing (SEM).

Make the most of your keywords


12: Communicate with customers using mobile devices.

Google’s free digital marketing course will educate you how to expand your online business by attracting more mobile clients.

Modules – 2

1 hour in duration

Beginner level of ability


Course Content:

Introduction to mobile advertising

Mobile search campaigns

Mobile display campaigns

Mobile social media campaigns

Video for mobile devices

Understanding the mobile web and mobile applications


13: Extend a company’s operations to other countries

Learn how a company can expand into new markets throughout the world and attract new customers.

Module 1 of the course

1 minute duration

Beginner level of ability

Course Content :

Introduction to worldwide marketing and exporting

Putting your new market to the test

Being understood internationally

Cross-border marketing

The assistance systems you will require

Assisting customers from other countries to purchase your products

Delivering to customers all throughout the world


14: Recognize your consumers’ demands and online behaviours.

Learn the fundamentals of web analytics, which can reveal whether a firm is functioning successfully based on client online behaviour.

Modules of the course- 3

1 hour in duration

Beginner level of ability


Course Content:

Using web analytics to track specific goals

Organic search and web analytics

SEM measurement tools

Using data to better understand your audience

Using spreadsheets to manage numbers


15: Begin Using Campaign Manager

Learn the fundamentals of Campaign Manager and how to develop, measure, and optimise campaigns to achieve your business objectives. Learn how to use targeting options to reach out to specific audiences and track campaign results.

Modules in this course – 12

7 hours in duration

Beginner level of ability


Course Content:

Plan Your Campaign Using Google Marketing Platform and Campaign Manager

Use Reporting and Verification to Execute Your Campaign


16: Google Ad Manager can help you increase advertising revenue.

Learn the fundamentals of Google Ads Manager and how to manage your inventory. Learn how to use Google Ad Manager to get started, generate inventory, set up ad campaigns, and manage creatives.

Duration of the course is 5 hours.

Beginner level of ability


Course Content :

The Admin Tab is where you can manage your settings.

Create Inventory and Ad Units

Increase Your Ad Manager Active View Score

Ads are delivered using Google Ad Manager, and creative are optimized using Ad Manager.

Inventory Forecasting Making Use of Ad Manager

Create Google Ad Manager Reports

Investigate Google Ad Manager’s Programmatic Capabilities

Ads can be managed using rules and protections.

In Google Ad Manager, you may review and manage your ads.

So hurry up and grab the opportunity to become a Google course certified. These courses are 100% free of cost and add value to your business and services after getting this. And if you are a student or a working professional it will certainly boost your career and add skills to your curriculum vitae. So why are you waiting for go and grab this Google certification which is valid for 1 year.

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