Website Page Speed Will Be a Important Factor In Its Ranking

Website Page Speed Will Be a Important Factor In Its Ranking

You know that recently Google announced that a website page speed will be a important factor in its ranking. This implies that a slow web page speed would mean search engines can crawl fewer web pages which could negatively affect its indexing. Kayra Infotech makes your website speed higher which is good for google ranking factor. You are looking for Best website designing company in Delhi NCR you are at right place.

Why and How to improve website speed to boost your website ranking on google by kayra infotech

40 to 50% of consumers or visitors expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less and 30 to 40% will abandon a page that takes 3 or more seconds. Mach metrics research recommends a web page load speed under 3 seconds. Unhappily, most websites clock in at an average speed of 8.66 seconds. Stake is upper when it comes to mobile.

Conversion is directly related to raise in page load time. Even a 1 second delay in load time could lead to almost 20% to 30% decrease in conversions.

It must come as a no-brainer then – slow web page speed will kill website conversions!

Unnecessary to say, for a visible online presence, page speed optimization is a must.

In order to optimize your web page speed, I think, you –

  • Have an optimized theme that does not launch much bloat
  • You’ r on a host which is suitably fast. This helps your website customers or visitors to access the site and interact with it easily.
  • Slow website host will push users or visitors to go away.

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