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Audit any website yourself with these Tips and Tricks

Is your website not performing up to your expectations? You’ve done what you can but the results are not satisfying. Let’s go through some of the most common issues you could face with your website. This will help you audit your website yourself. This list is made of real-time experiences by website developers and strategists, so it will be helpful and not waste your time. Website Designing Services Company In Delhi“.

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Let’s go through the website audit check-list:

Before we begin, a website can be real help for your business to grow and even if you have to invest a lot of time in developing and maintaining, you must trust the Internet and how it works. There are no shortcuts to it and you must do smart-work in order to manage your time and budget. “Website Designing Company Karol Bagh”.

  1. Branding your website

Your website should represent the colours of your established business logo or colour theme of products. Use a unique font to differentiate yourself from the competition. Invest in a custom font if you can. Each company must have a unique tone of voice which can be represented by your website’s content and vocab. “Website Designing Company Karol Bagh”.

  1. Design
  • Website Formatting

The design should be consistent throughout the website for navigation, headers, text, typography and hyperlinks.

  • Organized Content

Representing the content in a structured and organized manner, which does not overwhelm the visitor while reading, is very important.

  • Include White Space

Provide white space throughout your layout to give your website a clean and organized look. White space makes your content easy on the eyes of the visitors and makes it easier to read. “Website Designing & Development Company In Karol Bagh”.

  • Call to Action

Include call to action to give directions to the visitor and guide them through the website. A non-obstructive design can make a visitor into a customer with planned call to action.

  1. Coding

All this is included in your On-page SEO planning. Use of H1 and H2-H6 tags in your content, create a dynamic website sitemap.xmp file, optimize images and code.

  1. Content
  • Quality

Quality content goes a long way. If your audience likes what you have to say, they will give you a try and even share with others. Showcase your knowledge to your audience and position yourself as an expert. “Website Designing & Development Company In Karol Bagh”.

  • Relevancy

Content must be up to date and regular. Your loyal readers will come back only if you keep them hooked up on new content.

  1. Keyword Focus

Using targeted keywords that have low competition and higher searches can give you a boost in getting to the top of search engine result pages. Proper keyword planning helps you greatly in the long run and provides you consistent traffic.

Don’t use more than one or two focus keywords per page or post to avoid confusion in the search page algorithm. You must avoid keyword stuffing and phrase your keywords in your content.“Website Designing & Development Company In Karol Bagh”.

These are some of the basic website audits that you can take care of yourself with little research. If your website is on WordPress, you must educate yourself and handle things on your own.

For problems you can’t fix, we are here for to assist you. We are one of the best website designing and development company in Karol Bagh. We develop beautiful and responsive websites that are SEO-friendly and bring relevant traffic to your website. We also provide Digital Marketing services such as SEO, SMO and PPC advertising tailored to your requirements.“Website Designing & Development Company In Karol Bagh”.

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