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Which type of website is right for your business?

Every business has its own expectations from a website. Some people want to sell their products online, some people want to create awareness and educate customers about their products and services which they might sell offline. Your website should reflect what your business values and provide functionality to conduct your plans. However, sometimes people end up paying for websites with the latest features and functionalities which they might not even need and sometimes the websites don’t fulfill their requirements. So, how do you know which type of website is right for your business?

You can get a free consultation from our company Kayra Infotech, we are one of the best website designing company in Lajpat Nagar. We build beautiful websites keeping your business requirements and brand value in mind. All of our websites are SEO friendly and bring relevant traffic to your website for increased potential for conversion.

To answer this question, we must first generalize websites into 3 categories:

Static Websites

These websites are great to educate the audience about your product and create awareness.  These websites don’t require frequent updates and are usually low budget. Static websites require basic web programming skills and can be developed in less time.

We build budget-friendly static websites which look absolutely stunning and are easy to update. We can create WordPress websites which are easy to use and can be updated by the clients as well with the basic knowledge of WordPress. “best website designing company in Lajpat Nagar”.

Responsive Website Design

Responsiveness in website design means that a website should be viewable on every device with varying resolutions and should retain a form according to the screen size. Since a majority of the population is accessing the Internet through smartphones, it is necessary that a website should cater to smartphones as well. Responsiveness has become a standard now, you must have a responsive website. Website Designing and Development Company in Lajpat Nagar“.

All of our websites are highly responsive, be it smartphones, tabs or computers. We make sure your website looks as beautiful on a smartphone as it looks on a PC. Our website designing and development company in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi is highly skilled with years of experience in mobile development and provide a good responsive website according to your requirement.

E-Commerce Website

E-commerce websites provide a platform for reaching out to customers directly and selling your products. It provides a system of product catalogues, shopping cart and payment gateways to ease up the process of purchase over the Internet. These websites require advanced knowledge of web development and need to update frequently if you need to add more products to the list. “best website designing company in Lajpat Nagar”.

E-commerce websites can be complex and difficult to develop & maintain. But with our help, you can set up your business in no time. We can help you finalize your product catalogue, categorizing your products according to website design so that they are easy to navigate, setup a payment gateway, order tracking and handling customer information. We also help you decide the right domain and hosting plans which can handle heavy traffic and data on your website without slowing you down.

These are the types of website that you have to choose from when you decide to start a business. If you need help in choosing, request a free consultation from us by sending us your business requirements or if your current website is not performing up to your expectation, you can ask for a free audit. We are here for all your website designing and development requirements and Digital Marketing Services. “Website Designing and Development Company in Lajpat Nagar”.

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