Pawan Sharma

Pawan sharma Digital Marketing Manager

Pawan Sharma

Digital Marketing Manager

Call Now +971-886-3849. Pawan Sharma more than 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing and client Handling, Digital Marketing projects and very much interested to work on the project if you can give us an opportunity. I have helped many businesses get more visitors to you and make more sales from, their websites. My knowledge, skills and experience can help your business achieve this too. I have improved the online presence of websites across a wide range of industries – business, finance, legal, travel, health, real estate, technology and more.


  • Online Advertising & Marketing Professional
  • Digital Marketing planning, execution and implementation
  • Website Planning & Designing
  • Having a good knowledge of SEO, Youtube Video Marketing and Facebook & Insta Brand Promotion Marketing
  • Expert in Search engine, social media optimization and Marketing.
  • Experience of boosting special campaigns for incubated startups and grownup startups.
  • Have a high-end skills in PPC Marketing, Like Google Adwords, Yahoo Gemini and Microsoft Bing Ads.
  • Good Team player to meet the deadlines
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